3 Signs You Need Eye Glasses

Have you ever wondered to yourself, “Do I need glasses?” If so, then you probably want to know what signs to watch for that indicate you have impaired vision. Here are 3 signs that you might need eye glasses.

3 Signs You Need Eye Glasses

1.  Nearsighted or Farsighted. If you find your vision is blurry looking at things in the distance or that you are squinting all the time, this could mean your vision is either nearsighted or farsighted. Nearsighted means you have trouble seeing things far away and farsighted means you have trouble seeing objects up close. If you have either of these two eyesight problems, you will probably need prescription lenses.

2.  Eye Fatigue. If you notice your eyes are tired, strained, or frequently painful throughout the day, it is probably time to call an eye doctor. An eye doctor can give you the right eye glass prescription to help with your symptoms.

3.  Headaches. If you get headaches while reading, looking at your computer, or writing, this could be a sign you need eye glasses. These headaches occur because you are trying to focus really hard on what you are doing, and your eyes get strained in the process. Eye glasses can help bring everything into better focus for you so your eyestrain headaches will go away.

Make sure you are always paying attention to your vision and how it’s working. If you notice it’s getting worse, don’t wait to schedule an appointment with an eye doctor. If you feel like you need glasses, give us a call at Dr. Miller & Dr. Tilis Family Optometry and we will prescribe the right eye glasses for you.


Benefits of Eye Glasses You May Not Have Considered Before

It is well known that eye glasses will help you see more clearly. If your vision is poor, eye glasses are a great way to be able to see well again. Did you know that there are many other benefits to wearing eye glasses? Some of these benefits are:

  • Eye Protection – Eye glasses will help to protect your eyes from accidental injury. They will help to protect your eyes from drying winds and dust, which can cause severe eye irritation in many individuals. A special film can be added to your glasses to help filter out harmful UV rays.

Benefits of Eye Glasses You May Not Have Considered Before

  • Cost Efficient – Unlike contact lenses, eye glasses can be used for years. If your prescription changes, new lenses can be placed in your current frames.
  • Comfortable and Convenient – Eye glasses will be fitted to fit your specific face so that they are comfortable to wear. They are also easy and convenient to put on and take off whenever necessary.
  • Fashionable – Eye glasses come in thousands of designs, shapes, and sizes. It isn’t uncommon to own several styles of eye glasses to go with different outfits or moods. If you desire, you can make a great fashion statement with your eye glasses. If making a statement doesn’t sound like you, then there are less noticeable eye glass options.

If you are in need of new eye glasses, lenses, or just want a new look, come by our office at Dr. Miller & Dr. Tilis Family Optometry. We are happy to help you find your next pair of glasses.


How to Choose Eye Glasses that Last

Glasses are an important investment. They are the object that makes clear vision possible for you, so you want to get the best glasses you can! Also, you will wear glasses every day so you want something comfortable as well as fashionable. That is a lot to expect from one accessory! Here are some of our tips to help you choose glasses that last.

perfect eye glasses for you

  • Bring a Friend: A friend or family member will be able to help give you advice about what looks good—especially if your vision is compromised while you are trying on frames! A trusted friend will help you choose a good pair of glasses.
  • Consider Material: When it comes to glasses, there are two main styles. Most glasses are either wireframe or acetate. These two materials have very different looks and feels. Try on both to determine what you preference is.
  • Size and Shape: The size and shape of the frame both influence how the glasses look on you. Try round frames and square frames to see which you like better. Large frames may be the trend, but be sure to try them on to make sure you like the look for you! Choose a classic look rather than a trendy one if you want your eye glasses to stay stylish for a longer time.
  • Quality: If you want your eye glasses to last for several years, you should choose quality construction. Quality glasses will last in the long-term.

As you follow these steps you will be able to find the perfect eye glasses for you.


Things to Consider When Choosing Your New Eye Glasses

Whether it is selecting your first set of eye glasses or your twentieth, there are a number of things to consider that will help you select the best ones for you. At Dr. Miller & Dr. Tilis Family Optometry, we help those in the Newmarket, ON area with this endeavour. Here are a few tips for you to think about:

New Eye Glasses

  • Colour – The colour of your eye glasses can make an impact on your appearance. Many like to choose frames that go well with their eye colour. If you are considering having a number of pairs of eye glasses, you might also consider having different colours to go with the various colours in your wardrobe. We also carry Dilem frames that have interchanging temples. These lightweight frames from France have hundreds of temples to choose from, and your first pair at our optical includes 3 different pairs to start.
  • Durability – You should keep in mind what activities you will be undertaking while wearing eye glasses. If you are active in sports, you will want eye glasses that can stand some abuse. A durable set of eye glasses is important, especially for young children or those getting eye glasses for the first time. We also have extensive warranties on the frames and lenses.
  • Shape – There are plenty of articles written about what shape of eye glasses is ideal for each face shape. Eye glasses can accentuate great features while minimizing any features you don’t particularly care for. For example, someone with a rounder face can benefit from a square frame.
  • Features – Eye glasses can include a number of features that may be a good option for you. If you tend to go from sunny conditions to indoor lighting regularly throughout the day, a transitional lens that automatically changes may be useful, instead of having to switch back and forth between regular eye glasses and sunglasses.

Regardless of the professional opinion about the eye glasses that look best on you, the choice always remains yours. We will be glad to give you input based on our experience, but we also recognize that the important thing is that you like what you see and how they feel.  While your prescription may not always be available in all styles, we will endeavour to facilitate your desired result whenever possible. Give us a call for an appointment – we have evening and weekend availability if you require those times.