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If you are in need of a professional local optometrist in the Newmarket, ON area, look no further than Dr. Miller & Dr. Tilis Family Optometry!

Optometrist, Newmarket, ONThere are many things that make an optical office popular in the Newmarket, ON area, but one of the most important is that they offer personable and talented optometrists who are trained and experienced with protecting the eye health of your family. We believe you will find our optometrists at Dr. Miller & Dr. Tilis Family Optometry to be the best in the area. Dr. Angela Miller and Dr. Ruzana Tilis are both very talented optometrists who have both made every effort to get the training and experience needed to take good care of you and your family’s eye health.

Dr. Angela Miller holds a doctorate in optometry, as well as a double major Honours Degree in Biology & Chemistry. She interned at Houston Eye Associates, where she completed a rotation with ophthalmologists in corneal disease and retinal pathology. She also brings to the firm specialized experience dealing with diabetic issues, and she has a passion for working with pediatric patients.

Dr. Ruzana Tilis first obtained a degree in Honours Histology and Biochemistry before going on to optometry school. Her internship included working with glaucoma and diabetes patients. She also gained experience by working alongside an ophthalmologist for three years and at two different LASIK surgery centres. She has been in private practice for over 11 years. Her passions include pediatrics, glaucoma and diabetes management.

Dr. Miller and Dr. Tilis are both very passionate about what they do and are dedicated to treating your family as they would their own. You just won’t find the level of care anywhere else that you will receive from our optometrists, not to mention the rest of our dedicated staff.

Why Does Your Optometrist Need to Know Your Medical History?

When you visit a health clinic, you’re likely to fill out patient forms about your personal medical history and any illnesses that your doctor should be aware of. When you go to get your eyes checked at a routine exam, you may find yourself filling out the same types of forms – but why? Does your eye health really relate that closely to your other medical conditions and treatments?

The answer is yes! Your eye health can be an excellent indicator of the health of the rest of your body, and alternatively your bodily health can determine the health of your eyes. One of the best examples of this is with persons who have diabetes. Not only does diabetes affect things like weight and insulin production, but it can also have lasting effects on vision for both children and adults. If you have seen a medical doctor for the treatment of diabetes, the medications you take and your diet will also affect your eye health.

One of the most important reasons that you should schedule an annual eye exam is because your optometrist may notice indicators of a health condition long before you experience symptoms in other areas of your health. For example, if an optometrist notices that your pupils are two different sizes, called anisocoria, this could indicate a serious health risk that requires medical treatment right away.

Your optometrist is someone you can trust to provide sound guidance about medical conditions relating to your eyes. Therefore, providing your medical history can help them accurately diagnose and treat potential eye problems.

Vision correction is just a part of what optometrists can do for you and your family. We recommend annual visits for most patients, but every two years may be fine for some. Let us make sure everything is fine with your eye health and advise you on ways to keep it that way. We look forward to seeing you!

At Dr. Miller & Dr. Tilis Family Optometry, our optometrists serve residents of Newmarket, Aurora, Bradford, and East Gwillimbury, Ontario.