Children’s Eye Exams, Newmarket, ON

We recommend coming to our office for children’s eye exams when your child is 6 months old, 3 years old, right before he or she begins school in Newmarket, ON, and again every year after that.

Children’s Eye Exams, Newmarket, ONDid you know that as many as 25% of school-aged children have vision problems? And did you know that vision problems are a primary cause of learning problems? If you want to give your child the best chance at a great education, it is vital that you consider children’s eye exams prior to their beginning school and then every year after that.We also recommend that your infant have their first eye exam at 6 months of age and again at age 3, as there are various vision problems that can be diagnosed at that age and are more responsive to treatment when found early.

At Dr. Miller & Dr. Tilis Family Optometry, we offer children’s eye exams in the Newmarket, Ontario area. Our friendly and relaxing environment is fun for children. There are a number of things that we check when performing children’s eye exams. We are not just checking for close-up vision and distance vision. We also check for eye coordination, eye movement skills, ability to focus, peripheral awareness and hand-eye coordination.

As a parent, there are also things you can be watching for that can be signs of an ocular condition. Your child will likely not tell you that they cannot see things correctly because they do not have any point of reference, so they don’t really know that the way they see things isn’t right. What they may do, however, is rub their eyes because they are tired from straining, blink more than normal, avoid eye contact or not follow movement with their eyes as well as they should.

We are conveniently located if you live in the Newmarket, ON area. Give us a call to set up children’s eye exams and exams for your whole family. So much rides on proper vision, especially with children. Give them the best advantage for learning you can and call today!

At Dr. Miller & Dr. Tilis Family Optometry, we offer children’s eye exams to residents of AuroraNewmarket, Bradford, and East Gwillimbury, Ontario.