LASIK Pre-op Exams, East Gwillimbury, ON

Our LASIK pre-op exams for our patients in East Gwillimbury are a vital part of determining if LASIK is right for you.

LASIK Pre-op Exams in East Gwillimbury, Ontario

There are several inconveniences involved with wearing vision correction such as glasses or contacts. The cost to get new ones regularly, not to mention having an emergency backup in place, is one consideration. Dealing with fogging up in numerous situations isn’t much fun, either. You might also dislike how they look and dealing with them every day. If all these have been annoying you, it might be time to consider LASIK. Here at Dr. Miller & Dr. Tilis Family Optometry, we offer LASIK pre-op exams that are designed to assess your eyes to see if this is a viable solution for your situation.

In order for LASIK to be successful, the anatomy of your eye must be conducive. To continue with LASIK against the advice of a professional could leave you right where you are now, still needing some form of vision correction. During a LASIK consultation, we look at several factors, including the thickness of the cornea, stability of your eyes, and tear production. If we determine that you are a candidate for this procedure, we then go over what to expect and the potential risks involved. We discuss the steps needed and why LASIK pre-op exams are important. We also go over anything you need to do to prepare for your LASIK surgery.

We offer top-quality optometry services you need for yourself and your family in the East Gwillimbury, Ontario area. Eyesight is so vitally important that regular eye exams should be a part of your preventative health regime. We make it easy with a friendly staff and convenient scheduling. Call today to learn more about our LASIK pre-op exams or any of our services.

At Dr. Miller & Dr. Tilis Family Optometry, we offer LASIK pre-op exams to residents of Newmarket, Bradford, Aurora  and East Gwillimbury, Ontario.