For an expert frame & spectacle lens fitting in East Gwillimbury, our office is one you can trust.

Frame & Spectacle Lens Fitting in East Gwillimbury, Ontario
Once you have been given your spectacle prescription, it is time to find the right set of specs that match your face shape and your personality.  Whether this is your first pair of spectacles or you are simply looking to update your look with new frames, our team at Dr. Miller & Dr. Tilis Family Optometry can help you find the right look and fit for your face during your frame & spectacle lens fitting. 

Options in styles, colours, and shapes for spectacles have continued to grow over the years.   There are now countless options and ways for you to express yourself or to suggest quiet dignity, just by the spectacles you choose.  Once you have chosen the frames that best suit your personal style, we provide a proper frame & spectacle lens fitting to ensure they sit properly on your face.

The frames themselves are shaped to your face shape, so they are comfortable for you to wear, and more importantly—to ensure safety.  Improperly fitted frames can cause them to slip more easily down the bridge of your nose, which may cause them to fall off.  It is also true that frames that are not fitted properly are often less comfortable to wear.  If your spectacles are uncomfortable, you may be less inclined to wear them, even though they allow you to see clearly.  However, you have no need to worry.  When the time comes for your frame & spectacle lens fitting, we will ensure they are properly fitted to maximize comfort, safety, and style.  You’ll want to tell all your friends in East Gwillimbury, Ontario where you got your great new look!

At Dr. Miller & Dr. Tilis Family Optometry, we offer frame & spectacle lens fitting services to residents of Newmarket, AuroraBradford, and East Gwillimbury, Ontario.