Ocular Conditions, East Gwillimbury, ON

Some ocular conditions do not exhibit symptoms, making it vital that you have an exam at our East Gwillimbury, ON office at least every two years.

Ocular Conditions, East Gwillimbury, ONAt Dr. Miller & Dr. Tilis Family Optometry in East Gwillimbury, ON, we see many different ocular conditions in the course of a year. Some are easier to remedy and treat than others, but what generally causes us the most concern is those that could have been prevented. It has always been our mission to treat our patients like family, so we take eye health seriously. We want your family to have the best care possible, so we stay on top of new technology and use the latest diagnostic methods.

One of the most severe and totally preventable ocular conditions is amblyopia, also referred to as lazy eye. This condition begins first as strabismus, or eye turn. When it is caught early, it is completely treatable. Most of the time, this condition occurs in very young children. In fact, if strabismus is not caught before the age of 8, it may be very difficult to prevent the amblyopia. Once the amblyopia occurs, there is likewise a small window of time in which it can be completely treated. Amblyopia and strabismus are ocular conditions that we check for during our pediatric and child eye exams. Your child should have their first exam at 6 months of age, and then every one to two years leading up to school age.

During eye exams, we also check for other ocular conditions, such as myopia (near-sightedness), hyperopia (far-sightedness), astigmatism, presbyopia, posterior vitreous detachment (PVD), retinal tears, cataracts, glaucoma, blepharitis and more. Some ocular conditions do not exhibit symptoms, making it vital that you have an exam at least every two years. Call us today to schedule an appointment for your entire family.

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