Why Routine Eye Exams are So Important

Think about your routine each morning. After you wake up, what is the first thing you do? You may get in the shower, make coffee, brush your teeth, get dressed, and gather your things for the day. These may be simple tasks, but they are very important! Our daily routines help us stay healthy and on schedule. Just like our daily routines, our health routines are important. Regular exercise and healthy eating are included in this list, but also routine doctor visits. One doctor visit you should not overlook is a routine visit to your optometrist!

routine eye exams are a must

Once you have a prescription for your glasses or contact lenses, it is important to make sure that prescription stays up to date. As your eyes change, your prescription will need to be adjusted so routine eye exams are a must. This will help you stay healthy as your vision stays clear.

In a routine eye exam, an optometrist will check your vision for both close-up and far-away sight. After checking close and distance vision, optometrists can determine any need for corrective lenses or a change to your current lens prescription.

Routine eye exams are also beneficial for other aspects of eye health. During an eye exam, a doctor will be able to identify problems you may not be aware of that could affect your vision or other aspects of your health. Having a regular eye exam means you are regularly accessing preventative medicine—you will be able to treat problems before they become severe.

Whether you are looking for a prescription for glasses or looking to avoid eye disease, routine eye exams are an important step!


Why You Should Schedule Eye Exams in Advance

Your vision is one of the most important aspects of your life, so it is very important to stay on top of your eye care. As you schedule routine eye exams, you should be thoughtful about scheduling them in advance. This will help you stay on track to have healthy eyes without causing stress as you try to schedule appointments. Here are a few of the top reasons you should schedule your eye exams in advance:

1.   Get on the Schedule Early: Making a yearly visit to the eye doctor may be easy to forget. Making an appointment early—even months before you will need an appointment—ensures that a space is reserved for you on the doctor’s busy calendar.

schedule routine eye exams

2.   Reserve Time on Your Calendar: Like your doctor, you are busy too! Scheduling your appointment well in advance ensures that you save time to have your eye exams.

3.   Buying Frames on Time: Blocking time on your calendar early also helps plan for delays in getting new frames or lenses for your glasses. If you know you may need new glasses soon, schedule an appointment so you can have plenty of time for frames and lenses to arrive for your use.

4.   Keep Track of Your Health: Scheduling your eye exams well in advance also helps you stay up-to-date with your wellness activities. Routine eye exams help prevent eye disease and ensure that your vision is clear. Why wait for those benefits?

If you are interested in scheduling an eye exam, contact our staff today! We would be happy to help you with eye exams now and in the future.


How to Choose Eye Glasses that Last

Glasses are an important investment. They are the object that makes clear vision possible for you, so you want to get the best glasses you can! Also, you will wear glasses every day so you want something comfortable as well as fashionable. That is a lot to expect from one accessory! Here are some of our tips to help you choose glasses that last.

perfect eye glasses for you

  • Bring a Friend: A friend or family member will be able to help give you advice about what looks good—especially if your vision is compromised while you are trying on frames! A trusted friend will help you choose a good pair of glasses.
  • Consider Material: When it comes to glasses, there are two main styles. Most glasses are either wireframe or acetate. These two materials have very different looks and feels. Try on both to determine what you preference is.
  • Size and Shape: The size and shape of the frame both influence how the glasses look on you. Try round frames and square frames to see which you like better. Large frames may be the trend, but be sure to try them on to make sure you like the look for you! Choose a classic look rather than a trendy one if you want your eye glasses to stay stylish for a longer time.
  • Quality: If you want your eye glasses to last for several years, you should choose quality construction. Quality glasses will last in the long-term.

As you follow these steps you will be able to find the perfect eye glasses for you.


Why You Should Consult an Optometrist for Vision Problems

Vision is extremely important. It may be one of the most important aspects of your health. We rely on our eyes in nearly everything that we do. If you are experiencing vision problems, it is important to take care of them as soon as possible.

information about vision problems

When people experience health problems such as vision problems, they may want to get advice from a variety of sources. However, some sources are more reliable than others. People may go online to search for information about vision problems. Some sources may be helpful, but other sources may contain false or inaccurate information.

Another place people may go for information about vision problems is to their social circle. People may use social media to get advice. They may also go to friends, relatives, neighbours, coworkers and others to ask questions about vision problems. Some of these people may be able to help. However, others may not provide good information, or they may not have answers at all.

For these reasons, it is best to go to an optometrist or other eye care professional. When it comes to your vision, take advice from the experts! They will be able to accurately diagnose any problems you are having and help you remedy them.

If you are seeking advice or solutions for vision problems, contact our staff at Dr. Miller & Dr. Tilis Family Optometry. We would be happy to help you! Our capable staff and knowledgeable doctors can help you tackle vision problems and provide solutions to help.


Attentive Family Optometry

Finding a great optometrist for the entire family can be a challenge.  You want someone who is familiar with all areas of family optometry, including working with children, teenagers, and adults.  It is much more convenient to take everyone to the same eye clinic, and you will end up saving you a lot of time because you can schedule appointments for everyone in your family on the same day if that is what is convenient for you.

Family optometry is great for kids

Family optometry is great for kids.  It can oftentimes ease the fears of little children if they see a parent or older sibling getting their eye exam first. They can see what the equipment does, and it will likely make them feel more comfortable if they know what to expect.  When it is their turn for an eye exam, they will be ready and able to do it because they have seen what it is all about.

Seeing an optometrist that has a wide range of experience can be good because they have seen eye conditions in people of all ages and are able to treat them. They will be able to treat glaucoma in older patients and a lazy eye for children, for example.

If you are interested in seeing an optometrist that specializes in family optometry, contact us today at Dr. Miller & Dr. Tilis Family Optometry.  We can provide eye care for your entire family.  We accept most major insurance plans and we provide quality care to all our patients. We will treat your family like our family.


Eye Exams for Every Eye Problem

When you are having problems with your eyes, it is important to get eye exams.  If you do not see an optometrist, the problem could get worse or you could experience other physical symptoms, like headaches and strained eyes.  It is important to take good care of your eyes to make sure that they are healthy and that you can see well.

schedule eye exams for you or your family

Most people go in for eye exams because they are having problems seeing. If you are having vision problems like blurry vision, or if you see dark spots, you need to get an eye exam as soon as possible. The optometrist can figure out what is wrong and can correct the problem.

You should also schedule an eye exam if you notice that your vision has gotten worse. If you are having trouble reading street signs or restaurant menus, it might mean that you need a new prescription if you are already wearing contacts or glasses. If you have never worn glasses or contact lenses, this might mean that your eyes have changed, and you now require vision correction.  If you notice you are having a hard time seeing things that you normally could see, schedule an eye exam.

Eye exams are also beneficial if you have sore eyes, eyes that are watery, itchy, dry, or that appear to be infected. An optometrist will look at your eyes and will be able to tell you what the problem is.  They will also be able to help you get relief by prescribing something that will help your condition.

If you are looking to schedule eye exams for you or your family, call us today at Dr. Miller & Dr. Tilis Family Optometry. We accept most major insurance plans.  We will make sure that you are comfortable during your visit and we will take good care of you.


Is LASIK Right for You?

When you can’t see, and you need vision correction with contacts or glasses, it can become a real pain. You need to constantly change contacts and have to clean them and store them. You need to clean your glasses and make sure that you are careful with them and do not break or scratch them. If you are tired of contact lenses and eyeglasses, you might wonder if you are a good candidate for LASIK.

LASIK will eliminate the need to wear contacts

LASIK is where a doctor will surgically correct your vision. They use lasers to correct your vision and restore it to 20/20 vision or as close as they can get to perfect vision.  It is a minimally invasive surgery with good success rates and short recovery times.  LASIK will eliminate the need to wear contacts or glasses and will allow you to see perfectly without them. You have to meet a few requirements to see if you are a good candidate for LASIK, so a visit with an optometrist is required to make sure it is right for you.

You might think that the cost of LASIK is not worth it.  However, LASIK is actually more affordable than you might think it is. Plus, if you add up the amount you spend on eye exams, glasses, contact lenses, contact lens cases, lens solution, and eye drops every year, it just might surprise you.  You are already spending more a year then you might think and putting the cost towards LAKSIK might make good financial sense.

If you want to find out if LASIK is right for you, call us today at DR. Miller & Dr. Tilis Family Optometry.  We can schedule an appointment with one of our excellent doctors to go over all of your options and to see if you are a good candidate for LASIK.  We can handle all of your pre-op and post-op exams as well if you decide to get the surgery.


An Eye Clinic that Will Take Good Care of You

When it comes to your eyes, you want to make sure that they are in good, qualified hands.  You want to go to an eye clinic that has experienced and knowledgeable doctors on staff. You want to find someone who has time to sit down with you and take time to really understand what is going on with your eyes.  You then want them to explain what they are going to do to fix it.  You want an eye clinic with friendly staff that will make you feel comfortable and welcome. When you feel like all your needs are being met, you will be more at ease and will trust your optometrist.

eye clinic with friendly staff

It is important to find an eye clinic that is a good fit for you because you will be visiting with them at least yearly if you have contacts or glasses.  Yearly check-ups are important for your eye health.  It is important to make sure that your eyes are healthy and that your prescription has not changed. It is also important for a yearly check up to make sure you do not have any eye problems such as glaucoma, cataracts, or evidence of any other eye disease. When you feel comfortable with your doctor and staff, it will be easier for you to go in for visits.

You will also need an eye clinic if you are having any problems with your eyes such as infection, red eyes, dry eyes, or sudden blurry vision.  They will be able to get you in quickly and solve the problem so that you can get better.

If you are looking for a great eye clinic, contact us today at Dr. Miller & Dr. Tilis Family Optometry to schedule an appointment.  We will work well for your entire family. Our staff is friendly and helpful.  We will make sure to not rush your appointment and to make you feel comfortable and at ease.


Get Vision Problems Solved for Good

Problems with your eyes can be very frustrating. Vision problems can make your entire body hurt or feel out of sorts when your eyes are hurting you or when you can’t see properly.  A visit to the optometrist can help solve all of your eye problems and can help your eyes feel better fast.  When your eyes feel good, your body will feel good.

vision problems usually occur when you need contacts or glasses

The most common vision problems usually occur when you need contacts or glasses.  If you have never worn contact lenses or glasses before, you might notice that it is a little harder to see things that are far away.  It could also be getting harder to see things up close.  This probably means that your eyes have changed, and you no longer have 20/20 vision. You might also notice that you have frequent headaches, your eyes feel tired or strained, or that your vision is blurry. These problems are often a sign of vision problems as well. If you have already been wearing contacts or glasses, you may also experience these symptoms. These symptoms will indicate that your prescription has changed and that you need to schedule a visit with an optometrist.

If you are looking for experienced and reliable optometrists to help with your vision problems, contact us today at Dr. Miller & Dr. Tilis Family Optometry to schedule an appointment with one of our experienced doctors. We can help solve your vision problems for you for good. We care about our patients and will make sure you feel comfortable and well taken care of at your appointments.


“Does it Hurt?” and Other Common LASIK Surgery Questions

When you’re able to see clearly, the world is much more enjoyable. Whether you want to be able to dive with your kids in the ocean and search for buried treasure or would just like to be able to see the clock when you wake up in the morning, more and more individuals are turning to LASIK surgery to get the vision they want without glasses or contacts.


Because LASIK is a surgery on the eyes, many people have understandable apprehension towards the procedure. We have complied a list of several common LASIK surgery questions and their answers for you if you’re considering the procedure.

“Does it hurt?” Optometrists get this question all the time and thankfully, the answer is no! You’ll most likely be given a small sedative before the procedure for relaxation and then have numbing eye drops administered, so you won’t feel pain.
“Will I be put under anesthesia?” Because surgery and anesthesia go hand in hand, you might think anesthesia is present during LASIK, but it actually isn’t. The optometrist needs your eyes facing forward, not rolled back into your head like they would under anesthesia.
“What is the recovery like?” Compared to other surgeries, LASIK recovery is fairly easy. You’ll have certain restrictions for one to two days and may feel some eye discomfort or irritability during that time. Afterwards, many people can resume normal daily activity without issue.
“Am I a good candidate for LASIK?” Only an optometrist can determine if LASIK surgery is a good idea for your individual eyes with an eye exam and a look into your medical history.

We hope these frequently asked questions have been helpful for you. If you would like to know more about LASIK surgery, contact us at Dr. Miller & Dr. Tilis Family Optometry today.