Benefits of Eye Glasses You May Not Have Considered Before

It is well known that eye glasses will help you see more clearly. If your vision is poor, eye glasses are a great way to be able to see well again. Did you know that there are many other benefits to wearing eye glasses? Some of these benefits are:

  • Eye Protection – Eye glasses will help to protect your eyes from accidental injury. They will help to protect your eyes from drying winds and dust, which can cause severe eye irritation in many individuals. A special film can be added to your glasses to help filter out harmful UV rays.

Benefits of Eye Glasses You May Not Have Considered Before

  • Cost Efficient – Unlike contact lenses, eye glasses can be used for years. If your prescription changes, new lenses can be placed in your current frames.
  • Comfortable and Convenient – Eye glasses will be fitted to fit your specific face so that they are comfortable to wear. They are also easy and convenient to put on and take off whenever necessary.
  • Fashionable – Eye glasses come in thousands of designs, shapes, and sizes. It isn’t uncommon to own several styles of eye glasses to go with different outfits or moods. If you desire, you can make a great fashion statement with your eye glasses. If making a statement doesn’t sound like you, then there are less noticeable eye glass options.

If you are in need of new eye glasses, lenses, or just want a new look, come by our office at Dr. Miller & Dr. Tilis Family Optometry. We are happy to help you find your next pair of glasses.