How to Help Your Baby Wear Eyeglasses

If your little one has vision problems, it’s best to start treatment and correction early. Many parents are surprised to learn that their babies and toddlers not only need eyeglasses but can learn to wear them on a regular basis with a bit of patience. If your young child needs corrective eyewear, then we here at Dr. Miller & Dr. Tilis Family Optometry would like to help you get your children used to their new specs.

How to Help Your Baby Wear Eyeglasses

One of the best things that you can do when it comes to eyeglasses is to take it slow. Children don’t always react well to things being on their face and will, understandably, take their eyeglasses right back off. This is normal and not a worrisome reaction! Instead, ease your children into wearing glasses by putting them on and giving them positive reactions for leaving them on.

Another great tip is to have your child put their eyeglasses on and then occupy them immediately with their favorite activity, preferably one that keeps their hands busy. Whether it is playing with blocks or playdough, they are less likely to be focused on their new eyeglasses and more on the task.

Finally, do what you can to make the glasses comfortable. Kids do not like to adjust their glasses if they fall down on their nose; instead they will just remove them. Working with our professionals, we can find the right fit and help you with things like ear straps to keep their eyeglasses on and comfortably snug.

For more information about eyeglasses for your babies and toddlers, give us a call today!