Why Routine Eye Exams are So Important

Why Routine Eye Exams are So Important

Think about your routine each morning. After you wake up, what is the first thing you do? You may get in the shower, make coffee, brush your teeth, get dressed, and gather your things for the day. These may be simple tasks, but they are very important! Our daily routines help us stay healthy and on schedule. Just like our daily routines, our health routines are important. Regular exercise and healthy eating are included in this list, but also routine doctor visits. One doctor visit you should not overlook is a routine visit to your optometrist!

routine eye exams are a must

Once you have a prescription for your glasses or contact lenses, it is important to make sure that prescription stays up to date. As your eyes change, your prescription will need to be adjusted so routine eye exams are a must. This will help you stay healthy as your vision stays clear.

In a routine eye exam, an optometrist will check your vision for both close-up and far-away sight. After checking close and distance vision, optometrists can determine any need for corrective lenses or a change to your current lens prescription.

Routine eye exams are also beneficial for other aspects of eye health. During an eye exam, a doctor will be able to identify problems you may not be aware of that could affect your vision or other aspects of your health. Having a regular eye exam means you are regularly accessing preventative medicine—you will be able to treat problems before they become severe.

Whether you are looking for a prescription for glasses or looking to avoid eye disease, routine eye exams are an important step!

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