Attentive Family Optometry

Attentive Family Optometry

Finding a great optometrist for the entire family can be a challenge.  You want someone who is familiar with all areas of family optometry, including working with children, teenagers, and adults.  It is much more convenient to take everyone to the same eye clinic, and you will end up saving you a lot of time because you can schedule appointments for everyone in your family on the same day if that is what is convenient for you.

Family optometry is great for kids

Family optometry is great for kids.  It can oftentimes ease the fears of little children if they see a parent or older sibling getting their eye exam first. They can see what the equipment does, and it will likely make them feel more comfortable if they know what to expect.  When it is their turn for an eye exam, they will be ready and able to do it because they have seen what it is all about.

Seeing an optometrist that has a wide range of experience can be good because they have seen eye conditions in people of all ages and are able to treat them. They will be able to treat glaucoma in older patients and a lazy eye for children, for example.

If you are interested in seeing an optometrist that specializes in family optometry, contact us today at Dr. Miller & Dr. Tilis Family Optometry.  We can provide eye care for your entire family.  We accept most major insurance plans and we provide quality care to all our patients. We will treat your family like our family.

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