What Qualifies as an Ocular Emergency?

What Qualifies as an Ocular Emergency?

Ocular Emergency
An unplanned visit to the emergency room is something that every parent dreads and hopes will be a rare occurrence! Most of us know the protocol when it comes to something that constitutes a visit to the emergency room versus something that can wait for regular office hours. When it comes to our eyes, however, do we know what qualifies as an ocular emergency? Many of us don’t know much about what we should do in an ocular emergency, so we have come up with a few warning signs that you need to look out for and can qualify as an ocular emergency. They include:

• Sudden and/or persistent eye pain
• Damage to the eye or eyelid
• Partial or full vision loss
• Ingrown eyelash
• Excessive tear production
• Redness or infection
• Seeing flashing lights in your vision
• Floaters and flashing lights in your vision
• Chemical exposure

While this is a lengthy list of ocular emergencies, it’s also important that you use your best judgement when it comes to ocular emergencies. Many, if not all, optometrists would much rather have you come in and be able to tell you there’s nothing to worry about than have you wait and end up with irreversible damage to your eyes or vision!

If you have an ocular emergency, try to make it to your optometrist rather than heading to a standard emergency room. Many optometry offices will try to accommodate you if you experience these symptoms. A medical emergency room isn’t always equipped or able to deal with ocular emergencies.

At the office of Dr. Miller & Dr. Tilis Family Optometry, we will get you into our schedule as quickly as possible for emergencies. Don’t risk your sight or eye health– if you are having an ocular emergency, come see us!

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