Ask Us About Our LASIK Procedure

Ask Us About Our LASIK Procedure

 LASIKNot all of us are born with perfect vision. Some are born with stigmatisms and other issues. Some develop problems with their vision later in life. The solutions to most optical problems after being checked over by a certified optometrist are glasses and contact lenses. However, this means that regular vision check-ups are in order as well as new prescriptions every few years. For contact lenses, glasses, or both, it costs money even with the help of insurance. The amount of money spent to acquire tools to help you see can build up over time. Having great vision should be a necessity, not a luxury. Why not try LASIK?

LASIK surgery involves the use of a laser reshaping your cornea. This will ensure better vision, and more importantly, you will no longer need glasses or contacts and the burden of those costs. If you are interested in LASIK surgery, call our office and ask to speak with one of our LASIK consultants. We will have you come in for an assessment where the following will be tested:

  • Dilation of eyes
  • Thickness of corneas
  • Pupil size
  • Tear production
  • Overall stability of eyes

By observing these features, our LASIK consultants will be able to determine if LASIK will be a beneficial procedure or if other options would be better. It’s essential that these assessments occur before the actual procedure. This way, we know exactly how to proceed and ensure you receive the best vison possible. Call our office today to schedule an appointment!

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