What to Expect at LASIK Post-op Exams

What to Expect at LASIK Post-op Exams

LASIK Post-op ExamsHaving LASIK is an exciting experience, and we want you to know exactly what to expect from start to finish. It can be nerve-wracking to some people to consider doing LASIK, but it is such a simple and careful procedure that has really been mastered with recent technology. People everywhere are benefiting from the joys of being able to see without needing contacts or glasses.

Here we’ll go into a little bit of detail about what to expect at your LASIK post-op exam.

•   Usually the LASIK post-op exam will occur the day after your surgery.
•   Although your vision may not be perfect just yet, we want to ensure that your eyes are healing well and that they are progressing toward perfect or nearly perfect eyesight.
•   We will spend a few minutes closely looking at your eyes. We want to ensure that there is no infection and that the flap that was created has started to heal adequately.
•   We will also measure your vision at this appointment. It will help us to know how well you are able to see right away and will ensure that everything went smoothly during your procedure.

LASIK post-op exams are very exciting visits. This is when you’ll start to recognize the benefits of having LASIK. You’ll also realize during this appointment how simple the entire process really can be for you. If you’re considering LASIK, don’t put it off. In just a few days, you can complete the pre-op exam, the surgery, and the post-op exam. The simplicity of this process is amazing.

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