The Importance of Frame & Spectacle Lens Fittings

The Importance of Frame & Spectacle Lens Fittings

 Frame & Spectacle Lens FittingAfter you have been diagnosed with vision problems, you will be given a prescription for your eyesight. At the end of your appointment, we will assist you in selecting a frame for your glasses. Once you’ve picked out your frames, we will perform a frame & spectacle lens fitting to ensure that the glasses you chose will fit you appropriately.

Although comfort is certainly an important reason for having a frame & spectacle lens fitting, there are a few other reasons why you need this fitting.

•   Everyone’s faces differ in size and shape. In order to make sure the lenses are appropriately lined up with your eyes, we need to fit the frame to your face.
•   We also have to ensure that your glasses are tight enough that they won’t slip off your nose, but not so tight that they’re uncomfortable.
•   The nosepiece and earpieces may need to be adjusted so that the frames are the right size.
•   Another important part of the frame & spectacle lens fitting is to make sure the frames are a good style for you. This gives you a chance to physically try on a large variety of styles, to find something that you will really be happy with.

Once we have measured and checked all of these different aspects of your frames and lenses, we will use tools to change the shape of the frames to fit you as perfectly as possible.

There are several different parts of the glasses that need to be fitted correctly. The lenses need to be in the right place. The nosepiece and earpieces also need to be lined up so that your glasses will stay in place and will remain comfortable throughout wear. We look forward to helping you find the right glasses for you.

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