LASIK Consultations in Newmarket, OntarioDealing with either eye glasses or contacts is something that you may not find ideal. With various occupations and pastimes, needing vision correction can be troublesome. If that is your situation, you may want to know more about LASIK. The following FAQs will help you better understand how vision correcting surgery could be the solution you seek.

  • Is everyone a candidate for LASIK? Many people can achieve 20/20 or near 20/20 vision through LASIK, but not everyone is a candidate. You will need to schedule a LASIK consultation so a professional can determine if this is a viable option for you.
  • How long does LASIK surgery take? The actual time that the correction takes is less than a minute per eye. Along with preparation and other tasks, however, you can expect your LASIK appointment to last roughly 90 minutes.
  • Will I be able to resume work and activities right away? While this will depend on what you normally do, in most cases you’ll be able to resume immediately. You’ll be able to read, work on the computer, and watch television right away. You may notice some dryness as well as temporary visual fluctuations at first. You should avoid driving and operating dangerous equipment for a couple of days or until your vision stabilizes.
  • Is the effect immediate? For the most part, you can expect your vision to stabilize in just one or two days. Some patients do take longer, but that is relatively rare.
  • Can I wear coloured contacts after LASIK? You should wait to do so until a post-LASIK evaluation, but yes, you should be able to do so after a couple of months. If your LASIK procedure was unable to give you 20/20 vision, you can also use contacts for the extra correction needed at that point.

The important thing about LASIK is to be properly assessed prior to the procedure, have a comprehensive pre-op exam, and continue with post-op exams after the LASIK procedure. Each of these services can be obtained at Dr. Miller & Dr. Tilis Family Optometry. Give us a call today with any additional questions you may have about LASIK.