How to Handle Ocular Emergencies

How to Handle Ocular Emergencies

Ocular Emergencies in Newmarket, OntarioBeing able to see is one of those things most people take for granted. Experiencing an unusual symptom with your eyes is a scary thing, and it is very easy to panic. The reverse is also true– sometimes a symptom is ignored either because of fear of what may be wrong or because it doesn’t seem urgent. It is important to know which ocular emergencies are best to seek treatment for as quickly as possible and how to handle them appropriately.

Pain in the eyes is never normal and should not be ignored. You also shouldn’t do any home remedy attempts to lessen the pain. Ocular emergencies of this type should be treated by a professional to avoid further damage to the eye. You should rest your eye, keeping it closed until you can get someone to drive you to an optometrist or the hospital.

Sudden vision loss is another situation which should be taken seriously. Often this condition is just temporary, but it is important to get to the cause of it. Other symptoms that impede vision, such as halos, flashes, streaks of light, double vision, and sudden blurring of vision, should all be addressed as soon as possible. Care should be taken to keep your head as immobile as possible while having someone transport you to a professional.

If you experience any of these ocular emergencies, give us a call at Dr. Miller & Dr. Tilis Family Optometry. Calling ahead to speak with our staff will aid in being accommodated as quickly as possible.

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