Pediatric Eye Exams Can Help to Address These Five Concerns

Pediatric Eye Exams Did you know pediatric eye exams are critical to the preservation of your child’s vision throughout his or her life? Beginning with eye care early will ensure that your child performs well at school and is able to see clearly during routine activities. How do you know if your child needs a pediatric eye exam? Here are a few indicators that signify it’s time to schedule your child’s next eye exam.

  • Closing One Eye – Does your child see better when they close one eye? This could indicate a vision issue, like astigmatism, is present that should be corrected.
  • Eye Rubbing – If your child has trouble focusing and they rub their eyes to improve clarity, you should schedule a pediatric eye exam.
  • Headaches – Your vision can be directly related to regular headaches if your eyes are working overtime. Frequent headaches are an indicator your child may need their vision checked.
  • Sitting Close – Does your child have to sit close to the TV or hold a book close to read? They may have poor vision and sitting close allows them to view objects around them more clearly.
  • Squinting – If you notice your child squinting to see things up ahead, having their vision checked may help them see better by getting corrective lenses and determining the root cause of the issue. 

The most important thing you can do when it comes to pediatric eye exams is make sure to schedule one annually for your child. Even if they appear to have good vision, the best way to catch warning signs early on is to have our professionals check their vision on a regular basis. At Dr. Miller & Dr. Tilis Family Optometry, we treat your family like our family and we are happy to provide pediatric eye exams for your children Contact us today to learn more!