Key Tips for Choosing an Optometrist

Key Tips for Choosing an Optometrist

Optometrist Just moved to Newmarket or East Gwillimbury, and aren’t sure where to make your yearly eye appointment? Or maybe your current optometrist is retiring and you have to choose a new office. With so many specialists these days, how can you possibly figure out who the best eye care physician will be? Here are some suggestions for how to select the best optometrist for you and your family.

Get Recommendations. Do your coworkers all see the same optometrist and can’t say enough good things? Does your current eye doctor know a colleague in your new town? Asking for recommendations can often be the best way to find a new optometrist without having to do so much research.

Check with Professional Organizations. Most professional eye organizations will list optometrists and other eye specialists by location. They may be able to provide you with a comprehensive list of offices to call.

Drive by Specific Office Locations. Sometimes you really won’t know how you feel until you actually visit the office and speak with an employee. Do their office hours work for you? Did you feel welcomed? Was the atmosphere pleasant? Making sure you will feel comfortable in your new optometrist’s office can speak volumes.

Once you have had your first visit, make sure to ask yourself several questions. How long was my wait? Was my exam thorough? Did I feel like my questions were answered? Did the doctor listen to my concerns?  If you are looking for a new primary eye physician in the Newmarket or East Gwillimbury area, please consider visiting our office location so we can help you decide that Dr. Miller & Dr. Tilis Family Optometry is the best for you!

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