Five Common Ocular Conditions

Five Common Ocular Conditions

Ocular ConditionsEye health is essential to being able to perform routine tasks and enjoy our daily lives. Sometimes we experience eye issues that we don’t feel require emergency treatment, but an eye care professional may still need to know you are experiencing the symptoms. Here are five common ocular conditions that may be treatable by your primary eye physician.

1. Dry Eyes – Our tear glands produce tears that help moisturize our eyes. When our tear glands do not make enough tears or produce poor quality tears, it may result in dry, itchy eyes.  A humidifier or eye drops may be recommended to resolve this issue.

2. Tearing – When we are sensitive to light, wind or temperature changes, our tear glands may begin producing additional tears to help alleviate and moisturize the eyes. Make sure to wear protective glasses when outdoors and have your eye physician check for eye infections or clogged tear ducts.

3. Cataracts – A cloudy film that develops on the lens of the eye, cataracts are an ocular condition that can cause blurry vision and prevent light from filtering through the eye. Cataracts often form slowly and may not have any alarming symptoms. However, it is common now to use surgery to have cataracts removed if they begin to cause vision problems.

4. Floaters – Specks or spots that float across your vision can be a nuisance. Especially noticeable on a bright day outside, floaters can cross your field of vision, making it difficult to see. Many people experience harmless floaters on a regular basis, but it is good to have this checked, as it may be an indicator of something that needs further attention.

5. Glaucoma – Glaucoma is an ocular condition in which the pressure in the eye increases, potentially causing damage to the optic nerve. While some pressure in the eye is normal, pressure that is too high may cause permanent eye damage. Often glaucoma has no symptoms of pain, so it is important to have your eye pressure checked during your routine eye exams.

Routine eye exams are an excellent way to check for common ocular conditions and treat them at the early stages to prevent future vision problems. At Dr. Miller & Dr. Tilis Family Optometry, we can walk you through the causes and treatments and help you find improved eye health.

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