How to Manage Your Ocular Emergencies

How to Manage Your Ocular Emergencies

Ocular EmergenciesThere are many different types of ocular emergencies that can occur, so it is important to know how to respond in each situation.  An improper or delayed response can cause permanent eye or vision damage.

  For a small object in the eye, such as an eyelash, it is important to not rub your eyes.  Make sure your hands or the hands of the person helping you are clean, look for the object in the eye and gently remove with a cotton swab, or flush the object out.

  For a larger object stuck in the eye, it is imperative to not pull the object out and seek help immediately.  When something is stuck in your eye, it is best for the eye to be still and the only way to do this is by covering both eyes.  Only covering the injured eye will still allow for sympathetic eye movement.

  If you experience a chemical injury to your eye, you need to wash your eye out with water or saline and then seek help immediately.

These are all examples of ocular emergencies.  Having a sudden change in vision, seeing spots of light, or having persistent eye pain are also considered ocular emergencies.  Remember, delaying treatment for an ocular emergency can cause permanent eye damage, so contact us at Dr. Miller & Dr. Tilis Family Optometry to see one of our optometrists as soon as possible.

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