What Type of Spectacle Lenses Is Right for You?

What Type of Spectacle Lenses Is Right for You?

Spectacle LensesGetting the best pair of eyeglasses possible for yourself or your family members involves considering both style and features. Many people spend a great deal of time and concern over the frame and how it looks while forgetting to consider the types of spectacle lenses. Getting the wrong type of spectacle lenses can mean needing to replace them sooner than you had hoped. The key is to work with an eye clinic with supportive and knowledgeable staff members who will ask questions about what your eyeglasses will endure and how they will be used.

One thing to consider about spectacle lenses is the lens material. There are glass lenses, plastic lenses and polycarbonates. Glass is quite common, but plastic is sometimes chosen for its lightness and impact resistance; however, plastic is usually thicker and can warp or scratch more easily. Polycarbonates are also impact-resistant, but are actually thinner than glass lenses and usually have built-in UV protection. They are ideal for children, sports and safety eyeglasses.

Other options when considering spectacle lenses include features that can be incorporated, such as a scratch-resistance coating, anti-reflection coating and photochromic lenses, which adjust for the amount of light involved, thereby darkening in sunlight, so you don’t need a separate pair of sunglasses.

At Dr. Miller & Dr. Tilis Family Optometry, we take the time to discuss all your options for spectacle lenses. We will assist you in selecting the right type for your lifestyle and your budget. Adding features that make them more durable may cost a bit extra, but if you can go longer before replacing them, it is quite worth the extra amount. We proudly serve the Newmarket, ON area with the best in eye care, including spectacle lenses. We treat your family like our family!

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