When to Head to an Emergency Eye Clinic

When to Head to an Emergency Eye Clinic

Each year, far too many people suffer vision loss because they didn’t recognize a symptom that was putting their sight at risk by not going to an emergency eye clinic. At Dr. Miller & Dr. Tilis Family Optometry, serving the Newmarket, ON area, we want you to contact us immediately if you have any of the following symptoms of an eye injury or disease.

Emergency Eye Clinic

  • Vision – If your vision suddenly changes and you experience decreased vision, double vision or increased light sensitivity, you should seek help at our emergency eye clinic.
  • Pain – It is not normal to have any type of pain in your eyes, including burning, stinging or itching. You may have some sort of foreign particle or chemical in your eyes that must be removed as soon as possible to preserve your vision.
  • Appearance – Your eyes can also change appearance if there is a problem, so if you experience bulging, redness, bruising, bleeding or discharge, blood in the white part of your eye, or your pupils are not the same size, you should seek attention as soon as possible at our emergency eye clinic.

Also keep in mind that you shouldn’t try to do anything to treat the problem yourself, as rubbing your eyes, using ointments, or trying to remove objects from the eye without professional assistance can cause even more damage. If you wear contacts, do not try to remove them. The important thing is not to panic, as we can resolve most problems with no permanent damage to your eyes or vision.

Call us immediately for further instructions on what to do or call for an appointment in our emergency eye clinic.

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