The Importance of Pediatric Eye Exams

The Importance of Pediatric Eye Exams

Your child should have pediatric eye exams at six months of age and every year after that. The eyes of children grow quickly, as does the optical pathway to the brain. The vision development in children is in the critical stage until the age of 9 years old and we can prevent a lot of lazy eyes by having annual checkups for our children.

Pediatric Eye Exams

You might think that an eye exam for a six-month-old infant would be ineffective, since they can’t exactly tell you what they can see or not see, but there are still plenty of things we can determine with pediatric eye exams at this age. At Dr. Miller & Dr. Tilis Family Optometry, we will be able to test their refractive error with a retinoscope, as well as pupil responses, how well they can fixate and follow an object, muscular alignment, and optic nerve and retina development.  These tests will tell us if your infant’s vision development is progressing normally.

At three years of age, your child will be able to verbalize more during pediatric eye exams. At this age, we are checking for vision problems, as well as conditions such as lazy eye, eye misalignment, colour perception and depth perception. By diagnosing certain eye problems at this early age, we can work to correct them before your child starts school, which can make a big difference in those early learning years.

Pediatric eye exams are critical for making sure your child can properly see in class. It can be very frustrating for them if they get positioned in a back row and cannot see the lessons on the board at the front of the room. They may do poorly in their studies or even suffer behavioural problems. It is not unusual for a child, especially a younger child, to not speak up because they cannot see, so don’t count on this happening. The only way to be sure your child doesn’t have a problem is to have their vision checked regularly throughout their school years. 80% of our learning is visual, so make sure your child has the best opportunity to learn!

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